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Chair Cleaning

Chair cleaning

Things can get intense when gaming, causing slight perspiration. The sweat would actually be absorbed into the chair. Overtime, brown stains would appear.

We might even spill our coffee onto the chair while working from home. The liquid would seep in deeper as time goes by, making it harder to clean.

Whether it is sweat or coffee stains, we can most certainly clean your chair, effectively removing the unwanted dirt and contaminants to leave you with a chair that feels fresh and squeaky clean to the touch.

As we spend many hours on the chair while using the computer, it is important for it to be cleaned properly so as to protect our skin from adverse effects.



  Prevent Occurrences of:

  • Runny nose

  • Skin irritation

  • Foul odours

  • Eczema flare-ups



  • Remove unsightly stains

  • Protect our skin from dirt and bacteria

  • Protect the fibers and revitalize them

  • Increase lifespan of upholstery furniture

  • Improved air quality of home

Chair cleaning
Chair cleaning
Chair cleaning
Chair cleaning
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