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Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning

Carpets are a nice touch for our homes. They offer comfort and warmth for our feet against the cold flooring. However, they do trap a lot of dirt and dead skin from our feet. Perspiration from our skin will also be absorbed by the carpet.


This can cause discoloration over time. Deep cleaning of the carpet can help to protect the carpet and preserve its condition.


It is important to ensure that the carpet is regularly cleaned especially when we have babies and toddlers crawling about. They are a breeding ground for germs. Regular dry vacuuming of the carpet only breaches the top most layer which is not as effective as Deep cleaning.

Our Deep Cleaning process thoroughly cleans the carpet, removing trapped dirt and germs within the fibers.


  Prevent Occurrences of:

  • Runny nose

  • Skin irritation

  • Foul odours

  • Eczema flare-ups



  • Remove unsightly stains

  • Protect our skin from dirt and bacteria

  • Protect the fibers and revitalize them

  • Increase lifespan of upholstery furniture

  • Improved air quality of home

Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning
Carpet cleaning
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