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A clean and safe home for your family

Sofa cleaning

Our Unique Specialty is Upholstery Cleaning

Years of Experience

We have acquired knowledge from encountering various cleaning scenarios while applying the appropriate cleaning techniques and tools to get the job done effectively.

Affordable Prices

CasperCleanSG is family business. As we aren't very commercialized, we are able to keep our prices low. We believe that having a clean home shouldn't cost a fortune.

Conscientious Work Ethic

Professional and Advanced

We are always exploring new cleaning technology to equip ourselves optimally to achieve the best results for our customers.

We take pride in our work, ensuring the highest of standards. When it comes to our esteemed customers, going the extra mile is what we do.

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Why should we Deep Clean our upholstery furniture?

  • Bacteria from public places can contaminate our upholstery furniture

  • Dust and dirt will accumulate and get trapped in the fabric

  • Sweat and oils from our skin will cause unsightly stains overtime

  • Dust mites residing in the fabric can trigger asthma and allergies

  • Remove foul odours

The Deep cleaning process penetrates the layers beneath the surface and extracts away the dirt and germs. Our eco-friendly shampoo solution (safe for babies and pets) will remove bacteria, odours and stains, leaving a clean and pleasant-smelling upholstery furniture. This would also help to improve the air quality at home, reducing the chances of our loved ones being affected by allergies.

Deep cleaning will help to extend the lifespan of your upholstery furniture by protecting the fibers from harmful contaminants.

We conduct our work with professional grade machines that are made in Germany. They have a powerful suction pressure of 25Kpa.

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